7 Quick Tips for Better Time Management That Work Very Well

Time management

There is no way to consider denying the fact that time management is essential in modern times.


We used to live in a very mellow and laid back world and people had plenty of spare time, but things are different now and time has become the new gold.


Saving as much time as possible to be able to handle the tasks that we need to get done each day is going to be crucial for success.


In this article, I’m going to give you 7 quick tips for better time management that work very well.


1. Change the mindset

This is the most important tip of all and the truth is that without the proper mindset, you are never going to be able to get positive results.


This means that you need to understand and value the importance of proper time management. If you fail to do this, you are going to lose momentum in a few days and you will be back to your old days.


A good way to remind yourself of the importance of time management is to know the fact that no success will be achieved if you behave this way.


2. Make a list of the things that waste your time the most

I’m sure that you are engaging in activities that waste your time because you wouldn’t be reading this article if that wasn’t the case.


Making a list of the things that waste your time and how you can start to monitor the time you spend with them is going to be very useful.


3. Do the work first, have fun last

This should be your motto for everything you do in life and the truth is that you will enjoy the fun much more once you know that you have done all the work for the day.


The simple fact of getting work done first is enough to make the fun activities even more rewarding. 


4. Multitasking is not for us

Maybe there is an alien species out there that is able to multitask, but the truth is that the human brain is not meant for multitasking, regardless of how much we try to train it to be.


Focus on a single task and you will get more things done, but most importantly, you will do each thing with full attention and this will provide much better results. 


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5. Ditch the social media apps

Yes, we know this sounds crazy because you feel that you need to be able to find out about the gossip and about all of the great and funny things that people are saying in your social circle, but guess what, the truth is that you don’t need any of it and it provides no advantages or benefits other than wasting time and perhaps having a laugh.


The problem is that things won’t be so funny after a while if you never achieve any substantial success because you choose to waste too much time when you should have been moving forward with your goals in life.


6. Set deadlines

If you have too much work to do and you don’t set deadlines for each task, you will find yourself overwhelmed with work.


The good thing about deadlines is that they force you to work harder to make sure you don’t go over them.


7. Create reminders

You need to remind yourself of the value of time and the importance of wasting as little of it as possible. Make post-it notes and stick them all over your room and your house.


This is a great way to keep you in check when you seem to be wasting time and procrastinating. 


Over to you

What other tips do you have for time management? Please share in the comment section below!

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