5 Simple Ways to Regain Confidence After Experiencing Failure

5 simple ways to regain confidence after experiencing failure


There is no doubt that one of the biggest reasons why people fail to achieve anything out of the ordinary in life is because they are too afraid of failure.


This is a very common problem that keeps people in a comfort zone that ultimately becomes the main reason why they never achieve anything out of the ordinary.


In this article, I’m going to give you 5 simple ways that are going to help you regain confidence after you fail.


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1. Remember that failing means you are trying.

You can’t achieve anything in life if you don’t try and the simple fact that you are failing means that you are trying. This already gives you an advantage over those who avoid trying anything because they are afraid of failing.


2. Failing makes you stronger.

If you want to be able to build character and develop a thick skin, you need to learn how to fail gracefully and use that as fuel to remind you that you are becoming a stronger person with each failure.


3. Failure allows you to learn.

Nothing builds your confidence more than knowing you are becoming a more experienced and more skilled individual with each try.


Failure sounds like a horrible word because we are used to attaching it to negative feelings and to shameful emotions, but failure is simply part of your learning process.


4. Failure takes you out of your comfort zone.

If there is one thing that we can all agree is that we only grow stronger and better when we are in conflict and when we are being challenged. Nothing great has ever come from being in your comfort zone. You only grow and achieve success when you step out of that zone.


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5. Most successful people failed many times.

You would be surprised and amazed at how many times a large number of successful people failed before they achieved success.


We are talking about dozens of times and in some cases more than that. Writers, musicians, actors, inventors and entrepreneurs amongst others have failed plenty of times before they have been able to achieve any success at all.


This should be the main motivator that you use every single time you fail.


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Think of it this way. When you fail, you are getting closer to your goals. It’s like being inside a mine and using your pickaxe for days and finding nothing, but you keep going and then after months of using it, you still find nothing.


What if you decide one day that you are not going to keep trying and the diamonds are just a few inches away from you at that point? The last thing you want in life is to regret that and to ask yourself “what if”.


Wrap up.

No one has ever said that success is easy and the main reason why success is so hard to achieve is because of the fear that people have of failing. Do not be afraid to fail and remember the simple tips that I have given you to regain your confidence every time you end up failing in your attempts to succeed. 


Over to you.

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