4 Greatest Motivation Killers You Need to Be Aware of

4 greatest motivation killers you need to be aware of

Human beings need motivation in order to function.


Without it, we are just wandering around aimlessly and this is a very dangerous thing for people to experience because it can lead to failure and severe depression.


In this article, I’m going to give you information on the 4 greatest motivation killers that you need to deal with in order to succeed.


1. Procrastination

This is a phenomenon that basically creates the perfect habit for failure in life. You will fail without even trying and that is the worst kind of failing.


Procrastination is always leaving things for the last minute, but in the worst cases, it’s about always saying you will start a new business tomorrow, or you will quit your dead end job tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.


2. Negative individuals

Nothing can ruin your motivation more than being surrounded by negative people who always complain about everything and take no action.


If you know someone who always telling you to aim low and avoid disappointment, you should avoid this person as much as possible.


There is a lot of truth in saying that people are the average of their 5 closest friends. The negativity of others is going to have an influential force in your life even if you try to fight it. 


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3. Hard work without smart work


Yes, there is a world of difference between working hard and working smart.


We all have to work hard at some point in our lives, but the only way to succeed is to balance hard work with smart work.


This basically means that working hard your entire life in a dead-end job that barely pays the bills is not going to help you achieve anything.


You can start working smart by working hard every night to start building a side business that will eventually grow to help you get rid of your 9 top 5.


That is what working smart is about. You need to find ways to make sure that your hard work is constantly helping you move forward.


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4. Fear of failing

This is always going to be the biggest motivation killer and it’s the one reason why most people lack motivation.


Keep in mind that failure is an essential part of the process of succeeding and you need to stop worrying about what will happen in your life if you fail.


Failure is inevitable if you are moving forward. Things are bound to go wrong and you will go through a process of trial and error while you continue to move forward.


Always think of failure as those bumps on the road when you are moving forward. You can’t expect a road to have no bumps at all.


Even if you go through a long stretch that is smooth, you will eventually hit a few bumps, but that is not a good reason to stop moving forward.


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